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Buyers' & Sellers' Frequently Asked Questions

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Buyers' FAQ

What are lot numbers?
Each vehicle available for sale is marked with a lot number. The lot number 5 tells you that vehicle will be the 5th vehicle to be auctioned off.

Do you have any tips for buying used cars at auction?
Buyer’s Tip #1: Consider doing some independant research regarding the type and price range of vehicle most suitable to your requirements. You are welcome to ask our staff for suggestions or for more information - the better informed you are - the better the buy you will make. All your questions are important - please take advantage of our staff's experience and knowledge.

Buyer’s Tip #2: Choose 4 to 5 vehicles that you have an interest in. As there are lots of buyers, your first choice may end up with a bid that is more than you want to pay. Since this happens quite often your second or third choice may end up being your best buy. Also - your first choice in vehicles may be one of the last vehicles to run. If you miss that one, you've missed out until the next week.

Buyer’s Tip #3: The auctioneers work at a pretty rapid pace. Please watch and listen very carefully to the pricing. Don't be afraid to walk up to the auctioneer booth to find out exactly what price is being currently bid. There are always numerous bidders. If you think the auctioneer doesn't see you, raise your hand high and don't be shy!

Who is eligible to buy a vehicle at Belgard Car Auctions?
The general public and motor trade dealers are eligible to buy vehicles at Belgard auctions.

What is the minimum age required for somebody to attend one of your auctions?
The minimum age required to attend one of our auctions is 18 years old.

How do I register for a car auction?
You must register at our auction premises either beforehand or on the day of the auction to obtain a bidder's number. See Terms & Conditions.

Can I inspect the car prior to bidding on it?
Yes you can inspect a car prior to bidding on it. It is strongly suggested that every buyer take this time to look over each vehicle you might be interested in. Take notes on the lot number so that you will have some idea when and where the vehicles you are looking at will be on the auction block. Make notes on each vehicle - take some time to research each vehicle for condition, miles, etc. Please see timetable for inspection/viewing times of vehicles.

How long do I have to pay for a vehicle?
You are required to pay a security deposit of 10% of the buying price on the day of the auction and the remainder must be paid within 48 hours of the auction. Please see Terms & Conditions Section 10.

Do I need insurance to purchase a vehicle?
Yes you must have insurance to purchase a vehicle.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, credit & debit cards, electronic transfers and bank drafts. We do not accept cheques.

Can I return a vehicle after purchase?
All sales are sold "as is, where is." All sales are final.

Will I buy a car by mistake if I scratch my nose or wink during the Auction?
The Auctioneer is a professional and will know who is serious or not about buying, so you can relax in the Auction hall and make your move when you want ... the Auctioneer will know if you want to buy. 

Can I just walk in and buy anything I see at Auction?
No, you must first provide ID and lodge a bidding deposit before you can bid or buy (refundable in the event of non-purchase). This will allow you purchase the vehicle of your choice at auction, as long as you have your finances in order.

What is the guide price?
This is Belgard indication of the rough price at which a vehicle may sell at Auction. 

If I see something I like that doesn't sell, do I have to wait for the next Auction date?
No, once a car has gone through an auction and does not sell, you can negotiate a price with our Sales team, in a timely and comfortable manner. This may give you more confidence and allow further time for you to check the car or sleep on a major decision!

What advantages does an Auction have over buying privately?
You can see a selection of cars in one location.
We ensure the car is not stolen. 
We ensure the car has no outstanding finance and won't be seized.
You and/or your mechanic can inspect the car a number of times before buying.
We can hold the car till you collect it. This is subject to terms and conditions.
You don't have to hand over cash on the side of the street to a stranger.
We ensure all documents are in order.
Generally the sales prices are a lot cheaper than private sales/garage asking prices.
You may be pleasantly surprised to find a car/model that you thought was outside your budget, at a bargain price.
You can dispose of your old car with us.

What are the main advantages of buying at Auction rather than through a Garage?
Auction cars are generally a lot cheaper, so depreciation should be a fraction of the cost.
Nobody at Auction going to pressure you into buying a car. You are the person in control. 
The whole experience can be quite exciting and enjoyable. In fact, many people use auctions to change their cars more often.

What is the disadvantage of buying at Auction?
No warranty or comeback is applicable when buying at Auction. However this drawback applies to private car sales also.

Can Auction motors be financed?
No, Belgard Auctions does not provide finance for cars. 

Is a Warranty or Guarantee given to cars bought at Auction?
No, you are buying as seen. However, newer cars may still be covered under the Manufacturer’s warranty.

Why take a chance if no warranty is given?
There can often be substantial savings to be made on the part of the buyer, when purchasing a car through Auction. For many, this is an attractive prospect and compensates for the fact that no warranty is given. 

Where do the vehicles at Auction come from?
The vehicles come from a range of sources, for example -
Used car dealers
Fleet cars
Private entries, who don't want the hassle of selling themselves or are in a hurry to sell.
Main Dealer Part exchanges and ex lease cars
Garages who may have a multiple of the one-car/model/year or surplus stock
Garages who don't want to sell other brands
Garages who won't sell a car over a certain mileage or age
Garages who don't want unusual county registrations
Garages who don't sell commercial vehicles
Commercial Garages who don't sell traded in cars
Finance houses that have cars handed back to them
Companies whose staff leave or downsize
Executor’s sales
Insurance companies
Rental companies 
Imports from abroad 
State and semi state agencies
People whose circumstances change ie children on the way, the convertible has to go!
…. And yes, some bad cars do go through Auction, so let the buyer beware!

What advice would you give to Novices wishing to buy a car?
We recommend that you attend a number of car auctions before you make your first bid. This will give you an idea of the car prices and types of models available.
Have your finances in order and a specific budget in mind.
Ask us for advice.
Get a suitably qualified mechanic or friend to pre check any car you are interested in buying.
Use our guide prices to focus your efforts on a particular number of motors within your budget.
Take your time.
Read the Window Sheets.
Read our car auction terms and conditions.
Grab a bargain!

Sellers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain an entry form?
You can obtain an entry form by visiting us online or by visiting our auction premises.

Can you explain what a provisional sale is?
When your vehicle receives a bid close to the reserve price and there are no more bids, the vehicle will be sold provisionally and we will telephone you to determine whether you want to approve or disapprove the provisional sale.

What is the reserve price?
The reserve price is the lowest price that you, the seller, will accept for your vehicle. The Auctioneer will not sell below this price.

How do I set a realistic reserve price?
Belgard will inspect the vehicle and advise you on a reserve price. This is done at no extra cost. We will not however, entertain unrealistic reserves and in this event, entry to Auction will be refused. 

Does the buyer know the reserve price?
No, this is confidential but may be disclosed after Auction to help in negotiations. Belgard will indicate a guide range to buyers, but this will not disclose the reserve price.

Should I clean my car before Auction?
Please vacuum the interior of the car-we will clean the outside. Also check tyre pressure and have at least a 1/4 tank of fuel in it. Cars that stop/cut out due to lack of fuel/ basic preparation will suffer poorer prices at Auction. 

I presume I need ID to present a car for sale?
Yes, no car is accepted at Auction without valid photo ID (Drivers license, Passport etc) and a recent utility bill.

My car is not taxed and has no NCT, can I still sell it?
Yes you can still sell your car.

Is there any danger of me incurring any parking tickets or toll charges after sale?
We ensure all transfer of ownership documents are complete. 

How do I get paid and how quickly is payment made?
If your car sells, we will pay you promptly after we receive full payment from the buyer. This is normally within five working days. Payment will be made by cheque or electronic transfer.

What if my car doesn't sell? 
If your car doesn't sell, it will be entered into the next two auctions free of charge, unless the reserve is unrealistic. Belgard retain the right to exclude cars or insist on removal from premises.
If the vehicle does not sell after three auctions, it should be removed from the premises or storage fees (€40 per week) will apply. Alternatively it may be re-entered for a €90 fee. 

Can I come along and watch the sale of my vehicle?
Yes and we would encourage this. However, we do not condone seller’s bidding on their own vehicle and if any seller bids on their own vehicle, they will be liable for fees in the event of it not selling. 

What happens if I cannot attend the Auction and an offer is made on my vehicle?
A vehicle may be sold provisionally, this means it hasn't reached the reserve price but has come close, in this case the Auctioneer will contact you to offer this lower price. You are still in control and do not have to accept this offer.

Can I approach Belgard Car Auctions with any Auction related queries?
Yes, please talk to us if you are unclear on anything.

How will I receive payment for my vehicle once it sells?
A cheque will be mailed to the address you give on your entry form. 

When will I receive payment for my vehicle once it has been sold?
You will receive payment within seven working days of your vehicle being sold. Please note Terms & Conditions apply.

Will I get a decent price for selling my car through Auction?
The market determines demand for certain types of cars/prices of cars. However, because of the wide range of audience at Auctions, you should have a good chance of selling but it may be less than advertised asking prices for similar models. However, you set the reserve so you are in control.

How will I be contacted if my vehicle sells at auction?
If the vehicle is sold you will be notified by phone. If your vehicle receives a bid that is below but in close proximity to the reserve price then your car may be sold provisionally. If this happens you will be contacted and asked whether you would like to accept the buyer’s offer.

How do I decide what reserve price to put on my vehicle to sell it at auction?
If you would like advice regarding what reserve price to put on your vehicle please bring your car up to our auction premises and one of our sales team will advise you on what reserve price to put on your vehicle.

Can I put vehicles through your auction that are registered outside the Republic of Ireland?
If you have a Trading Account Number you can sell a vehicle which is registered outside the Republic of Ireland at our auction. You must issue us with finance clearance and a VAT receipt (once you sell your vehicle).

How do I obtain an entry form?
You can obtain an entry form by visiting our website or our auction premises.

What is the procedure regarding transfer of ownership?
Belgard Auctions organizes transfer of ownership. You must sign the logbook (Vehicle Licence Certificate) in order for transfer of ownership to be valid. We will then forward the relevant forms where they will be processed and ownership will be transferred to the buyer’s name.

Can the buyer who bids on my vehicle change his mind and decide not to pay for my vehicle?
As soon as the buyer bids they have entered into a legal contract. However if the buyer decides not to pay your vehicle will be put through our following auction with no extra costs.


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• Quality showrooms (valeted cars stay valeted) and back  up facilities including the Belgard Inn.
•  Onsite facilities include a large public car park,
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